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    Corporate and Community

    Services Offered

    Mindful Moments provides tailored solutions to meet the particular requirements of each client. We provide consultancy advice, workshops for staff and organisation wide mindfulness and wellbeing programs.

    We cover a variety of practices and techniques and encourage people to integrate these into their lives in a way that works for them.

    The benefits for businesses and organisations can include:

    • focus and concentration resulting in increased performance

    • decreased stress which can help with retention and performance

    • improved impulse control and ability to deal with difficult people and situations

    • increased self awareness which can help with relationships

    • Improved creativity

    • Improved work environment and culture

    • improved health and wellbeing

    • preventative mental health strategy



    A great introduction to mindfulness and meditation including a variety of practices and resources to get you started and follow up to help answer any questions, problems and to support the integration of practice into the organisation, group and individual lives.


    A comprehensive mindfulness and meditation program that is tailored to the specific needs and challenges of the organisation. It includes  4 on site education sessions including time afterwards for individual questions with the teacher and provision of resources and ongoing support to ensure integration of practices into the organisation, group and individual's life.​ Participants will be taught a variety of mindfulness and meditation techniques (formal and informal) that can be used throughout the day in a way that works for each individual.


    Offering regular drop in meditation classes for staff is an ideal way to promote wellbeing and a healthy work culture. Classes include meditation theory, formal practice, spot meditations and the opportunity for discussion and questions. Classes will be relevant and tailored to the particular people present and to the work environment. This is an excellent way to support staff with their mindfulness practice and to be proactive in creating a culture that promotes mindfulness, awareness and wellbeing. Optional classes allows the growth of mindfulness and a mindful culture in the organisation to be an organic process rather than something enforced which is generally most effective.


    The organisation wide mindfulness programs are tailored to suit the needs of the particular organisation and can include education, courses, practice sessions, ongoing support and resources.