Services Offered
Anne is a certified Mindful Schools Teacher and the all services offered are all based on the Mindful Schools Curriculum which is based in science and research and has been taught in 100+ countries and to 300,000+ children and adolescents.
Mindfulness For Kids and Adolescents -  6 to 8 week mindfulness program for students of all ages.

Mindfulness For Teachers - Mindfulness and wellbeing sessions for teachers.

How to Teach Mindfulness to Children - We give teachers all of the skills and tools to effectively introduce mindfulness practices into their classrooms.

Mindfulness For Parents - Introduction to mindfulness and how to support children at home.

School Wide Programs - We tailor school wide programs to meet the individual needs of your school.

Stress Managment and Wellbeing Workshop for students - These workshops can support students at times of transition, exams or with general life challenges and stressors.


"Loved it! I think it absolutely helps the kids to concentrate and get calm"  Grade 5 teacher

“I learned that if you’re stressed you can calm down with mindfulness and you can help others with it.” grade 5 student

“That it helps you relax and makes you focus more” grade 5 student

“what I learned was that mindfulness helped me calm down after a fight or a stressed day” grade 4 student

“I learned how to concentrate with mindfulness” grade 4 student

“I learned that there are a whole lot of different ways to do mindfulness” grade 4 student

“I learned mindfulness helps me get to sleep” grade 3 student

“It helps me when I fight with my brother” grade 3 student

“that you can feel better just by taking a few deep breaths” grade 5 student

“it’s easy to calm down and relax” grade 3 student

”that you can relax your brain as well as your body” grade 6 student

“I learned to be more calm and relaxed and about mindful listening, mindful eating and more. Grade 5 student

“I learned how to eat mindfully, listen mindfully and about spot meditations” grade 4 student

“how to calm down when you’re angry!!” grade 5 student

“I learned that you can be mindful of anything and it helps you so much” grade 5 student